Fully autonomous solar cleaning robot with cutting edge technology,data analytics and visualization.

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Aplos Ventures Private Limited (AVPL) is co-founded by senior professionals from a leading Solar IPP & EPC giant with a vision to help harness clean energy to its fullest potential and reduce the cost of cleaning using their deep knowledge of solar industry. AVPL is invested in by a global climate fund and has its office cum R&D center situated in an MIDC area near Mumbai.

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  • Reduce O & M Cost
  • Increase Plant Efficiency
  • Maximize Energy Generation
  • Minimize Water Usage
    • High-wind conditions during natural disasters such hurricanes, sandstorms and other high-wind events hamper the effective operation of the cleaning robot. Using anemometers connected to NCUs, it can be detected when the prevailing winds cross the pre-set threshold speed. Once such a trigger is detected, the operation of robots is aborted, and robots are commanded to return to the safety of docking or reversing stations.
    • Partial obstruction of light reaching solar cells in modules due to bot being on module surface may cause partial shading loss, mismatch loss etc. So, it is important to ensure that the bot is not cleaning modules during generating hours, or does not stop working due to lack of charge in the batteries. To this end, the NCU issues cleaning commands at a time when it can be ensured that the robot will return before the battery runs out and will return before the sun rises.
    • During the day, the robot stays shut on the docking station. It is known that the brush bristles deform due to creep and get deformed permanently. This is avoided in ease[1]i by rotating the brush every hour even when on docking station to ensure that bristles are not deformed by creep.
    • A sandstorm causes significant loss of generation due to the deposition of thick layers of dust on the module surface. This level of heavy soiling may be detected if a soiling monitoring device such as DustIQ is available and connected to the NCU. ease-i bots can be triggered off-schedule to ensure that generation levels are restored immediately after sandstorms subside (when wind speed reduces below threshold).
    • • Comprehensive Portfolio Overview: Gain a holistic view of all plants, specifically tailored for CXO-level executives. Keep track of relevant information across multiple plants.
    • • Interactive Heat Map: Easily assess plant size and health with our intuitive heat map feature. Identify areas that require immediate attention at a glance.
    • • Real-time Soiling and Uptime Tracking: Experience transparency and real-time updates on soiling levels and uptime of your solar panels. Keep track of cleanliness and efficiency to maximize energy production.
    • • Advanced Filtering Capabilities: Effortlessly filter data based on plant, person in-charge, region, country, and more. Customize your view to focus on specific areas of interest.
    • • Cleaning Schedule Management: Streamline your cleaning schedule with our integrated tracking system. Ensure regular and efficient cleaning cycles for optimal panel performance.
    • • Bot Health and Performance Monitoring: Keep a close eye on the health and performance of our cleaning bots. Receive real-time insights and take proactive measures for seamless operations.
    • • Predictive Maintenance and Replacement Alerts: Benefit from our predictive maintenance feature, receiving notifications for timely repairs and replacements. Minimize downtime and extend the lifespan of your equipment.
    • • Active Alarm Summary: Stay on top of critical events and alarms with our comprehensive active alarm summary. Respond promptly to any issues and maintain uninterrupted operations.

Automate your solar
module cleaning with
advanced analytics

a new age bot

  • Ultra-Soft make new age technology Bristles
  • All-in-1 single hub wheel assembly housing the motor, drive wheel and guide wheel facilitating ease of assembly and maintenance
  • Padded wind lock bars on both sides of robot that can also act as temporary lift-up handles
  • Monocoque Aluminum Frame
  • Unique interlocking tyre and rim assembly for ease integration of wheel


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